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For our partners the epiAge test is trusted tool – not just to precisely determine biological age but also to monitor lifestyle changes and foster healthy longevity.
Here are just a few personal endorsements from our network:

"With the epiage test, our customers can track their epigenetic age over time. The results are very robust and give us easy-to-understand insights into the effectiveness of various interventions."
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Max Griessinger, MoleQlar GmbH

“EpiAge is a perfect way to check if your biological clock is running slower than your chronological age. beNew.no is proud to offer the EpiAge test on the Nordic markets. Live healthy, live long!”
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Svein Erik Scheie, beNew / moonscape

"I have been working for some time with the EpiAge test to determine biological age as part of my holistic, personalised nutritional therapy. I use it to determine the current situation and as a monitoring tool."
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Nicole Guido, Nutritional Therapist, EMR cert., clinic utoquai

Here is a selection of our partners:

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