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How old am I, really?

Start your longevity journey with epiAge ...

Curious about your true age? You should be! Because the candles on your birthday cake don't necessarily reflect your biological age... So, find out now – with epiAge, Europe's leading epigenetic test!

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Regain control of your age!

The great news: your biological age is not predetermined.

You influence it every day – through  your lifestyle choices! And you are probably already aware of the most important pillars of longevity: a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, enough sleep as well as stress management.

Scientific studies and our support experience show that even small changes can be very effective. Use epiAge to determine and keep track of your biological age.

So, why not lose a few years?

epiAge: robust, reliable and replicable!

Lean but intense design for reliable results

Your biological age with scientific accuracy

Precise age monitoring with impressive replication

Cutting-edge tool to gauge the effectiveness of your longevity interventions

Triple sequencing with NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) by Illumina

CAP- and CLIA-accredited lab

„epiAge Speichel-Test ist die neueste epigenetische Technik, mit Hilfe derer wir […] das biologische Alter unserer Patienten ermitteln. […] dieser Test ist ein exzellenter Marker, um die Ausgangssituation zu ermitteln und den Therapieerfolg zu messen.“

Dr. Jörg Puchta - Hormonzentrum an der Oper, München

„Der epiAge Speichel-Test ist die neueste genetische Technik, mit Hilfe derer wir - in Kollaboration mit dem Labor von Prof. Szyf von der McGill Universität - das biologische Alter unserer Patienten ermitteln. Egal ob vor Beginn einer Anti-Aging Therapie, einer HRT, einer Adipositas Therapie oder bei Kinderwunsch Behandlung bei V. a. vorzeitige Alterung des Eierstocks, dieser Test ist ein exzellenter Marker, um die Ausgangssituation zu ermitteln und den Therapieerfolg zu messen.“

Bild von Dr. Jörg Puchta

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Easy-to-use scientific precision!

You can carry out the test in the comfort of your own home: just collect a small saliva sample and send it to epiAge. A couple of weeks later, you will get your result: a “simple” number – your biological age!

Use your result as an incentive to review your lifestyle and make positive changes. As a precise monitoring tool, epiAge helps you to keep track of your longevity progress.

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epiAge Germany collaborates with HKG Epitherapeutics Ltd, the independent laboratory of Professor Moshe Szyf, one of the world's leading epigeneticists. You can find out more about epigenetics here. The test is suitable for adults aged 25 and over. We advise against using it when ill or in stressful phases as this can distort the result.

„epiAge – ein zuverlässiger Wirksamkeitsnachweis für unser bioidentisches Hormon- und Immunangebot in unseren Praxiskliniken in Nürnberg und Wien.“

Dr. Peter Matthai - endokrine Frauengesundheit

Praxisbild von Dr. Peter Matthai
“You control 70% of your health. Let the epiAge test assist you!”

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kurscheid MPH – General medicine, nutritional and sports medicine, naturopathy

Discover all the specialists in our prestigious longevity network!
Portrait of Prof. Thomas Kurscheid
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Yes, it does pay off!

Based on a study cohort of more than 700,000 US Army veterans, a team of American scientists recently showed that the following eight habits can lead to a significant reduction in mortality (13% on average): avoiding smoking, increasing physical activity, no binge-drinking, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, minimising stress, maintaining positive relationships and avoiding opioids.

When forty-year-olds adopt these habits, their life expectancy can even grow by up to 23 years (for women) or 24 years (for men). But even those who adopt them later or only partially can expect a significant increase!

The results were presented at the Nutrition 2023 conference in Boston, MA, by Xuan-Mai Nguyen; the publication(s) is/are still pending. Preliminary results can be found in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

More about the science behind epiAge

One of many clinics who rely on epiAge: the ias PREVENT Group can be found in 7 German cities.

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