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EpiAge Experience: Experiment 5 - Peaks and Valleys

Experience epiAge! Ups and downs in the longevity journey...

Dr. Gwen Bingle
October 10, 2023

Our last post was a rather revolutionary peak into the long-term monitoring of a committed biohacker, who mapped out his biological age over 554 days while pursuing a longevity-enhancing lifestyle. We discovered that shedding years was not unlike losing weight: the downward trend was clear but there seemed to be a series of setbacks along the way…  

But we left you in the dark as to what was hiding behind the peaks and valleys of that jagged line. When losing weight, we may be confronted by temptations such as chocolate cake at a birthday party or that irresistible pint at the local. But when it comes to biological years, what is it that throws us so spectacularly off course?

In our individual case study, the major disruptive factors were corona jabs and senolytic supplements. So, of course the former caused the peaks while the latter enabled the valleys, right? Unfortunately, reality proved a little more complicated.

graph with long-term monitoring of biological age

Valley no 1 was indeed measured just before the first mRNA-jab, that appeared to trigger a sharp ascent. However, the second jab, concurrent with Peak 2, did not seem to cause any increase since biological age diminished steadily after it. Valley 3 was measured just before the booster jab, followed by a small increase over the next couple of days before culminating at Peak 4, two weeks after the injection. This development seems to illustrate how the immune system reacts to the vaccine “invader”: an initially very strong reaction that seems to lessen with subsequent jabs.  

In contrast, Valleys A, B and C were measured just before taking anti-ageing supplements, which means that they consistently triggered a small increase in biological age before it tapered off again. This phenomenon seems to indicate that senolytics – just as vaccines – are initially perceived as a source of stress by the metabolism, before they start deploying their full longevity benefits.

Interesting finding, isn’t it? Even if it remains anecdotal like all our “experience epiAge” experiments… As always, we are curious about your experience: does it correlate with these findings or contradict them? We’d love to hear from you!



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Dr. Gwen Bingle
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