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The New Slimming

How about shedding years instead of pounds?

Dr. Gwen Bingle
August 24, 2023

Once again, the epiAge test is the (admittedly discreet) reality star of a new TV documentary broadcasted this week on the German RTL channel. And as in the programme we recently covered, longevity is the trending topic. Alongside featurettes on the ubiquitous Bryan Johnson, a Blue Zone centenarian as well as an interview with Max-Planck-Institute researcher Sebastian Grönke, the epiAge highlight is on “live” rejuvenation.  

Led by one of our medical partners, Professor Thomas Kurscheid from Cologne, the mini-study features epiAge and a small group of test persons curious about their biological age. In the wake of the initial test, most participants are pleased and sometimes surprised to be younger than they had anticipated.

Anita, however, isn’t amused when she discovers that her biological age is 56.4 instead of her chronological 53. But the shock does provide her with the incentive to do something about it!

Over the course of 8 weeks, Anita is shadowed by a life and nutrition coach, who helps her to make healthier lifestyle choices. Not only does Anita up her intake of antioxidants with the likes of pumpkin, cabbage or pomegranate while cutting down on carbs and fast food, she also takes up sport for half an hour a day and interrupts her static home-office schedule to take regular breathers on her terrace.

Lo and behold, when Anita does the epiAge test again, she has lost just over 2 biological years – in just 2 months!

Of course, just as with journalist Anna Acker, who carried out a similar experiment with epiAge earlier this year, the finding remains anecdotal, but it still hints at an insight you may be tempted to overlook when witnessing the punishing routines that biohackers, such as Bryan Johnson, engage in. Indeed, you don’t need a magic pill or a fortune to significantly rejuvenate. Small lifestyle changes can make a huge difference…

And while shedding years, you may also shed a few holiday pounds, but a lot more healthily and sustainably than with the latest miracle diet!


RTL Extra, 22.08.2023, 22:35:

Dr. Gwen Bingle
epiAge Deutschland Content & Customer Relations
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