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The Beep Meditation

Mindfulness contra monkey mind – an introductory exercise

Dr. Gwen Bingle
August 2, 2023

So, you think you have focus and can stop thinking for at least 5 minutes? That’s not long, is it? Easy-peasy… Seasoned meditators will no doubt take up the challenge without batting an eyelid.

But if you’ve never bothered with mindfulness, you may be in for a bit of a surprise after the “beep meditation”. This small exercise was introduced to me many years ago by a seasoned life coach (if you’re out there, Christian, kudos to you!). But although I found a variation of it on the net in a recent esoteric book, I do not know in what tradition (if any) this exercise originated. Its power, however, is independent of any affiliation.

It may be done alone, sitting on a meditation cushion… But, for beginners, it probably works best with a friend or a colleague when going for a little walk. Around the block is fine but urban distractions may be an added stimulus you may want to initially avoid.

You set off together in silence and whenever a thought occurs, you say “beep”, but you go on walking in silence until you’ve reached the destination you chose together. Then you can discuss the experience with your partner. Obviously, the exercise only makes sense if you pledge total honesty…

So, how did I fare? Well, even after all those years, I am still reeling from the shock: I was just beeping away – every few seconds, my mind on a roller-coaster.

But it provided me with a strong impulse to seriously start digging into meditation and mindfulness in their many forms…

How about you? Fancy trying and letting us know how you “score”?

Stay tuned to find out more about the scientific underpinnings of how mindfulness could help you reverse biological ageing…

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Illustration: Kindel Media / pexels

Dr. Gwen Bingle
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