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Rejuvenation is Possible

Martin Berlet
July 24, 2021

„Verjüngung ist möglich“ (Rejuvenation is Possible) - The new book by Germany's most prominent ambassador for healthy ageing is currently being published and epiAge is on board!

Nina Ruge, the well-known German TV anchorwoman and journalist, is also a successful author of self-help, natural health, and other primarily non-fiction books. Healthy ageing has been on her mind since at least 2008 (see: Länger Jung und Gesund mit Nina Ruge und Dr. Erich Knobloch), but it was not until 2020 that she had her major publication breakthrough with “Altern wird heilbar: Jung bleiben mit der Kraft der drei Zellkompetenzen” (Curing Ageing: stay young thanks to the three cellular properties) - the book she co-authored with Dr. Dominik Duscher, a renowned longevity specialist. The “Spiegel” bestseller soon catalysed an anti-ageing sensation: it had obviously hit a contemporary nerve and, suddenly, anti-ageing really became the talk of the town. From that point on, the concept of ageing as a "curable disease" rather than an unavoidable fate gained considerable traction in German-speaking countries and the search for "cures against ageing" enjoyed a legitimacy it had never previously known.

“Verjüngung ist möglich: wissenschaftlich erforscht was wirklich hilft” (Rejuvenation is Possible: scientifically based insights that truly help), the second opus authored by the duo, which is currently being published, builds on the success of Curing Ageing. Here too, the authors manage to clearly convey complex metabolic processes as well as the effects of various therapeutic options by means of a balanced blend that never overwhelms: accessible yet intelligent popularisation mingles with short interviews and personal testimonials. The range of topics addressed extends from exercise to nutrition as well as (among others) breathing, sauna, sleeping, micronutrients and – of course – epigenetic age determination.  

One of the interviews – with Martin Berlet, epiAge’s managing director – lends our company outstanding visibility, especially since Nina Ruge will not be fobbed off with theoretical explanations. No, she insists on getting tested herself and experiences the emotional moment, which Martin impressively describes – the moment when customers discover their biological age for the first time. Fortunately, Nina is quickly reassured, and it seems that she is already getting most things right since her biological age is significantly lower than its chronological counterpart. But the interview gets even more exciting when Nina and Martin broach the topic of biological age reversal versus acceleration, why these phenomena take place, how they can be controlled and – last but not least – how they can be accurately detected and monitored through regular testing with epiAge.

Curious? You can get the book here and the epiAge test there.

Picture: epiAge: © private

Pictures:  Verjüngung ist möglich, Nina Ruge und Dominik Duscher © GIU Verlag

Martin Berlet
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