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Dazzle on, epiAge!

A festival of achievements for a small start-up…

Dr. Gwen Bingle
March 6, 2024

You know what it’s like with fireworks, don’t you?

First, there are the promising sparklers that simply refuse to be lit. Then, there are the wet firecrackers that sputter and smoke into nothingness. And, of course, there are the roman candles that make you jump out of your skin when they go off with a bang, then briefly flash and blaze before smouldering away… Finally, there are the more discreet volcanoes or fountains that initially slow burn before they erupt – on and on… and keep surprising you with yet another starry or flowery shower.                        

We think fireworks are a pretty good metaphor for young business trajectories. If we had to label epiAge, we’d go for the fountain. Initially, perhaps not quite as breathtaking as a rocket-powered chrysanthemum… but once ignited, it has slowly but surely amped itself up into an unstoppably dazzling show!

What makes us think so?

Well, what about this:

·       a quasi-mythical development: we’ve travelled from humble, garage-style start-up in 2020 to European leader in 2024 – and this despite the dicey Corona years!

·       an amazingly faithful and interactive base of B2C customers – from physician and biohacker to health freak and… simply curious,

·       an ever-expanding pool of impressive B2B re-sellers – 24 and growing… The last 5 joined us in the past 3 months and 5 more are in the pipeline!

·       a unique and fast expanding longevity network boasting 75+ top-notch preventive health specialists as well as 3 prestigious preventive health clinics spread all over Europe,

·       2 clinical studies in the making plus 1 on the immediate horizon,

·       and we won’t mention all the books, articles and shows that have featured our test…

So, we say: “Dazzle on, epiAge, and reach for the stars!” And we thank all of you who made this possible.

Dr. Gwen Bingle
epiAge Deutschland Content & Customer Relations
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