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Announcing the epiAge Experience

Discover the epiAge beta-tests...

Dr. Gwen Bingle
July 13, 2023

At epiAge, our mantra is:

Biological age is individual, dynamic, responsive and potentially reversible!

Want to know why and how?

Recently, we briefly compared the anecdotal experiments conducted by biohacker Bryan Johnson’s (of Blueprint fame) and Dr Anna Acker (on German TV Channel RTL+) to illustrate how lifestyle interventions can reverse biological ageing. We concluded that even very mundane and low-cost interventions, such as those conducted by Acker over 8 weeks, could prove very effective.

In our new feature, we would like to give you further insights into anecdotal experiments conducted with our epiAge test. As longevity aficionados, we continuously carry out beta-testing to monitor everyday health fluctuations (due to e.g., sickness or stress) and lifestyle interventions (e.g., sport or diet) – with often surprising results! Because the design of our epiAge test is both so lean (13 CpGs best correlated with ageing) and thorough (thousands of cells examined through the triple sequencing procedure), it offers particularly robust results, enabling consistent follow-up testing.

So let us take you on a small journey exploring different topics such as e.g., blood donations in upcoming Experiment 1.

Of course, our little experiments are far from scientifically designed with placebos or control groups, so their significance should not be overinterpreted. But they may provide valuable hints that could be explored in a more systematic way. In a pioneering field such as ours, there is still so much to discover!

Fancy exploring the frontier with us? Stay tuned…


Illustration: RDNE Stock Project / pexels

Dr. Gwen Bingle
epiAge Deutschland Content & Customer Relations
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